Breakfast Burrito Meal Prep with Price Breakdown

My husband works a job where he is basically on-call. Sometimes he has a set schedule ahead of time for a few days to a week or so, and sometimes he can literally get a phone call or text anytime of day or night, telling him to be on-site ASAP. As an added obstacle, some of the sites he works don’t have refrigeration to keep foods cool or a microwave to warm them up. Also, there are times that he is supposed to only work one shift when he arrives and surprise! he’s still on-site 12 or more hours later. All of these unpredictable workplace circumstances can make it tricky to keep our food budget down, as there are times that he has to get something quickly on the way to a site, or have something delivered when he unexpectedly finds out he is working a 12-16 hour shift and can’t leave the site.

This week hubby has a consistent morning schedule in which he has to be at work by 6a.m. each day, so I meal prepped him some delicious and fresh breakfast burritos. He can just roll out of bed, get ready for work, pop one of these babies in the microwave and take it with him for his early morning commute.

The price breakdown for this is as follows:

tortillas-5 @ approximately .29 cents each = $1.45

bacon-12 slices @ .20 cents per slice = $2.40

eggs-11 (I meant to make 12 and left one out by accident lol) @ .13 cents per egg =$1.43

potatoes-6 @ .11 cents per potato = .66 cents

cheese-4 oz. @ a total of $1.11

salsa roja-a few tablespoons @ approximately .25 cents

Total: $7.30 (for 5 bacon, egg, potato & cheese breakfast burritos with salsa)

This comes out to slightly under $1.46 per burrito, because when I did the cost assessment of the above ingredients I rounded almost everything up to the nearest cent. These burritos are very large, enough food to satiate my 6 foot 9, former football playing hubby. At a restaurant or taco shop, just ONE breakfast burrito like this would probably cost at least $5.00, so this is definitely worth the time and effort it takes to prepare-and it only took me maybe an hour to prep, cook and assemble from start to finish.


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